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Wight Shipyard Co Ltd and Southampton Marine Services - two new names for Shemara Refit LLP

The activities of UK aluminium high speed craft builder and luxury motor yacht specialist Shemara Refit LLP are set to be rebranded.

Following an exciting year which included the recent delivery to Red Funnel of the 41 metre high speed ferry Red Jet 6, the Isle of Wight fast ferry and aluminium vessel side of the Shemara Refit business will be known as Wight Shipyard Co Ltd or WSC.

Across the Solent on the mainland, Shemara Refit LLP recently acquired the well known business Southampton Marine Services (SMS) and the steel vessel construction and all motor yacht restoration activities will in future trade under that respected identity.

Southampton Marine Services Ltd was established in 2004 and continues the long tradition of shipbuilding on the River Itchen along with vessel repair and marine engineering.

Peter Morton, CEO of WSC and SMS said that the switch to the new names represents a period of change and growth for the businesses.

“Shemara Refit LLP was born out of a unique project to manage the revival of a magnificent motor yacht to her former glory in 2010. Since then the business has grown exponentially and the time is now right to seal our future under clear and recognisable identities.

“Both businesses have plenty of enquiries and we look forward to a secure future,” said Mr Morton.

To assist customers and suppliers the rebranding will be gradually implemented. Over the next few months the old and the new brand identity will co-exist until Shemara Refit LLP is phased out.


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