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Red Jet 6 nearing completion

Red Jet 6, the new state-of-the-art 41 metre Hi-Speed catamaran currently under construction for ferry operator Red Funnel is rapidly nearing completion at Shemara Refit LLP’s yard in Cowes on the Isle of Wight.

Work on the craft is progressing well with another important milestone reached; the cabin superstructure is now in place and has been secured to the hulls. Two cranes were used for this very delicate operation to place the cabin onto shock-absorbing resilient mounts, which in service will serve to maximise passenger comfort.

Image: © Jake Sugden Photography

Attention has now turned to applying the vinyl coating to the vessel’s exterior. Vinyl is being used on the superstructure instead of paint to maximise vessel efficiency, significantly cutting weight and reducing maintenance costs. Once applied the vinyl will reveal a stylish new look for the Red Jet fleet when Red Jet 6 enters the water for the first time next month.

The new livery is designed to stand-out on the water and was inspired by the customary wake of a waterjet propelled vessel travelling at high speed through the waves. The new livery will be introduced across the rest of the Red Jet fleet as part of their annual dry-docking cycle.

Red Jet 6 will enter the water for trials and crew training in June and will be officially named at a high profile ceremony in Cowes on 4th July 2016.

More information about Red Jet 6 and the return of fast ferry-building to the UK can be found at

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