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Thames Clipper founded in 1999 operate a fleet of 17 high-speed catamarans on the Thames serving 23 piers from Putney to Woolwich. The 3 most recent vessels have all been built by Wight Shipyard Co. They are continuing to expand their service eastwards down the river with their 24th pier opening at Barking Riverside. For full specifications on the vessels visit the vessel pages by clicking on below

Jupiter Clipper

Venus Clipper

"I strongly believe that Wight Shipyard is now building the best high speed ferries in Europe, possibly the World. The standard and quality of build of our new vessel has been second to none"

"The contract deadlines were met, they were flexible, they responded to what we needed and produced a fantastic product!

From the top, all the way down to the shop floor, there is a strong ethic of customer engagement and teamwork. To have that trust in a yard, to do what you are asking them to do, to deliver what you want, is really important and you struggle with that with so many yards. Wight Shipyard is pretty sound in that area."

Sean Collins, CEO & Co-Founder, Uber Boat by Thames Clipper

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